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Better Contracting: Achieving Balance Between the Parties

June 2, 2023 from 9:00 to 11:00 am 

Challenges to the tendering and contract processes never seem to go away, whether you are a sub-trade, supplier, or general contractor these issues continue to be more problematic as times change. This program will allow attendees to gain information and knowledge in three important areas. 

First, an overview of the most common minefields and pitfalls that bidders at any level are likely to face when submitting their tenders. Mistakes made by any stakeholder, when submitting bids, can be devastating if not recognized and corrected before submitting a bid. Contract issues with payment, change orders, escalation of material and labour, if not dealt with promptly and properly, increase the risk to those involved in the project.

Second, you will learn successful strategies to resolve these challenges.

The program runs approximately 2 hours and includes handouts and reference material for both the attendees and the association.

Recent Attendee Testimonials

“Your presentation and content were absolutely incredible. You have a great way in educating people, I truly enjoyed being in the room the entire time.”

Roben Magar, CET, GSC
VP, Project Development
Zeher Levesque Inc

“The seminar focused on contracting best practices to members of the LDCA. Clive provided members significant and very useful information to successfully contract with public and private buyers of construction services. Members very much appreciated accessing the many decades of experience and expertise that Clive possesses and shares willingly.”
Mike Carter, CEO, London and District Construction Association

“Clive was great, excellent speaker.”

“Very knowledgeable.”

“Could easily teach a multi-day seminar on a variety of topics.”

“Very well spoken and well informed. Always enjoy his seminars.”

Grand Valley Construction Association

Price: $75.00 +tax
Payment Type: Per Participant
Max Registrants Per Application: 50
Event Capped at 50 Participants

Registrations Closed
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