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WSIB Health & Safety Excellence 2020

WSIB Health & Safety Excellence Program (previously the "WSIB Safety Group")



The WSIB has a NEW Health and Safety incentive program for employers in the province of Ontario. The Health and Safety Excellence program is designed to create a safer workplace and save money.

The new program provides a roadmap for businesses to improve workplace safety, whether they are just getting started or want to optimize what they already have in place.

´╗┐Businesses that are successful in the program will earn $$$ Rebates and other non-financial recognition for their investment in health and safety.  

For more information, please contact: 

"I find the safety group program that we participate in is invaluable and a must for any contractor looking to be up to date on the most current safety legislation in Ontario. The training provided is second to none in the industry.  We feel very confident as a group member that our firm is well informed and able to deal with the various challenges that come our way in the construction sector. Ellalaine is a very valuable asset to us and always available to help us with any safety issue that may arise.
Anthony Vitaterna, President, Nexterra Inc. 

"We have been a part of the WSIB Safety Group for the past 6 years.  It has been a great experience for us in the construction industry.  Safety groups are an efficient management tool for increasing the profitability of our organization by reducing accidents and for improving management of our occupational health and safety management system.  Ms. Ellaline Davies is a fantastic facilitator to the group and has been an instrumental part of our companies advancement in the program."  

Karen Sammutt, Controller,  Sure-Fix Service Group Inc.

"We are in our fourth year of the safety group program.  It has proven invaluable so far as moving our safety program forward.  The knowledge and passion Ellaline has for all things safety is so important; I have experienced other safety group programs where the same cannot be said and it makes a world of difference.  The networking and learning amongst other organizations in this safety group has also been incredibly beneficial.  
I highly recommend seeing where the program can take the safety of your organization.  For me the peace of mind in knowing that I have the support of a true expert is where I get the greatest return."  

Kate Flynn, CPA, CMA, Director of Operations, Stolk Construction Limited

The WSIB has a new health and safety program that integrates the strengths of their three previous programs into one. The new program provides a clear roadmap for businesses to improve workplace safety, whether they are just getting started or want to optimize systems and processes they already have in place. Businesses that are successful in the program will earn rebates and other non-financial recognition for their investment in health and safety. The new health and safety program will help make Ontario a healthier and safer place to work. The rebate structure for the new health and safety program is based on a business’s ability to impact their rate, in line with our new premium rate-setting model. Businesses with less ability to impact their rates will receive a higher rebate.

Registration for the new program is now open for the 2020 program year.


Ellaline Davies will guide you through the Health & Safety Excellence Program, a WSIB performance-based premium rebate program designed specifically for small businesses, where companies work together on key safety initiatives. Ellaline has more than 30 years' experience in this area as a consultant, specializing in Safety for over 15 years, and is President of Safety Works Consulting.