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Board of Directors

Board Executive:

Michael Mirynech (President)
2M Architects Inc. (Architects/Engineers)

David Dick (Past President)
Abe Dick Masonry Ltd. (Masonry)

Vacant (President-Elect)

Darryl Teutenberg (Treasurer)
Durward Jones Barkwell & Company LLP (Director at Large)

Melanie Patterson (Secretary)
Walker Environmental Group Inc. (Manufacturers, Suppliers & Services)

Board Members:

Carol Danis, Pec Roof Maintenance (Director at Large)

Kevin Brown, King Contractors of Niagara Ltd. (General Contractor)

Tyler Green, Cotton Inc. (Director at Large)

Arie Schipper, Merit Contractors Niagara (General Contractor)

Dan O’Hara, O’Hara Trucking & Excavating (Excavating, Landscaping) 

Evan Williamson, D.F. Brown Roofing (Roofing)

Thomas Wall, Sullivan Mahoney LLP (Manufacturers, Suppliers & Services)

Tara Christensen, Ed Christensen Roofing (Director at Large)

Dan Toppazzini, Weinmann Electric Ltd. (Electrical)

Chris DeValkenaere, Arlington Crane (Iron & Steel)

Kevan Peters, Halucha Cost Consulting (Acoustic, Tile, Drywall)