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NCA Safety

P.A.T.H.S is an acronym forPartners Aligned Together for Health and Safety’ and the core of this initiative is the recognition that safety is not ‘anyone’s’ responsibility, but a collective partnership with all workplace parties.  Our Partners are aligned and together, to elevate safety awareness in their companies while developing, upholding and sharing in a collective safe workplace culture.

P.A.T.H.S includes:

  • NCA Safety Awareness Day
  • NCA Health & Safety Newsletter
  • NCA Foundations for Construction Professionals Certificate Program
  • NCA Participation in the Province-wide ‘League of Champions’
  • NCA League of Champions' Jersey of Courage
  • NCA New Safety Training Partners
  • NCA WSIB Health & Safety Excellence Program
  • NCA Membership Appreciation Day with guet speaker Rob Ellis of MySafeWork
  • NCA Safety Question/Suggestion Box