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Membership Day 2019
Bootcamp October 2019

There have been significant changes to the WSIB in Ontario in recent years
and how injuries are to be managed by employers.
This course delivers information on managing workplace injuries to prevent
financial impacts on the company. It combines a review of the WSIB
protocols and a practical component in the completion of forms.
You'll also learn how to manage the case of the injured worker and how to
use the WSIB help that is available to you.
The course has a lecture format followed by small group participation and
large group discussion.

Who Should Attend:
Anyone who completes the WSIB forms – Office Managers, HR
Anyone who oversees the case of an injured worker – H & S
Coordinators, Managers
Anyone who works with the injured worker – Supervisors, Employers

8:30 am - 4:30 pm
* 1 Gold Seal Credit *Lunch is provided

$250 (+HST) Members/$300 (+HST) Non-members

LOCATION: NCA Boardroom-34 Scott St West St Catharines

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